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According to an article on Mashable today, Twitter is at 50 Million tweets per day! Check it out here: Pete Cashmore, you need Gunnars! #justsayin Follow me on Twitter @GUNNARSjem

GUNNARs and Intel

Just going through some old pictures on my phone.  Here’s a great one at the Intel booth at CES.  They had some great 3D demos going on, but they had cheapo paper glasses.  Can’t tell you how happy their demo team was when we hooked them all up with 3D phenoms.  GUNNAR to the rescue!!

If you haven’t seen it

This is by far the greatest series about the explosion of technology in our age.  This is the latest and it focuses on mobile tech…there are a bunch of others about the net and on computing in general…mind boggling, but somehow unsurprising.  We’ve lost our amazement at technology.  We expect the unachievable to be rendered achievable instantly…or at least shortly. …

Always Learning More

I’m always on the hunt for more info.  At GUNNAR we’ve got an amazing team of researchers, but I feel like I need to know it as well as anyone.   With so much information at our fingertips it’s a shame not to continually feed your brain.  BTW….best superbowl ad ever…Google.  See below for an article that I’ve got to follow…

Do you live a digital life?

When I wake up in the morning, it’s my iPhone that wakes me up.  I’ve already checked email by the time my feet hit the floor.  I check the weather (even though I already knew what it was going to be since I had checked it last night before I went to bed).  A few reminders pop up…one to remind…

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