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General prescription eyewear isn’t optimized for computer use, it’s optimized for distance viewing. Continued near-focus work, typical of computer use, causes eye muscles to flex over extended periods of time. This cumulative eyestrain can cause headaches or even long term changes in the eye. Specialized computer eyewear made with GUNNAR i-AMP technology provides a proper computer viewing experience. With the correct focusing power provided by your optometrist, GUNNAR’s highly accurate lens design can relieve the effects of digital eye fatigue by relaxing eye muscles. When used in GUNNAR frames that wrap closely to the face, the eyes are protected from drying air currents. All GUNNAR lenses are finished with proprietary lens tints and coatings specifically tuned to optimize the type of light that comes from your computer.


GUNNAR Standard Lens – Spherical Single Vision Rx

Using the latest in analog grinding technology, GUNNAR spherical lenses deliver excellent single vision performance. Available in Amber or Crystalline tints, each GUNNAR prescription has an anti-reflective coating designed to minimize distractions and visual noise.

This lens can be made for computer vision or everyday use.


GUNNAR Premium Lens – Free Form Computer Compensated Rx

In a fully automated process, computer generated algorithms calculate refractive geometry while compensating for the orientation of the lens in the as-worn position. Robotic machinery grinds the calculated shape. A mechanized polishing process completes the surface and guarantees optics accurate to 1/100th of a diopter. The engineered coating stack enhances the lens and ensures long term durability. An additional hydrophobic coating layer helps maintain the surface free from  contaminants. Unlike standard prescriptions which typically only have proper optics at the center, this compensated design delivers astonishingly clear optics across the entire viewing area of the lens.

This lens configuration is automatically compensated for computer viewing.