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JaredFPS is one of the top partnered streamers on Mixer and is a long time lover of all things video games. He enjoys playing mostly FPS games and prides himself to represent three core values, Family, Positivity, and Spirit.


4th most followed stream on Mixer and CEO of Team Passion.

Favorite Frame Style: Intercept


Queen Eliminator stumbled upon streaming purely by accident. Without any prior knowledge of what a streamer was, she found Mixer on her XBOX and began recording herself on a camera. Since then, her streaming career has picked up tremendously and she has not looked back. The most rewarding part for Queen is getting to put smiles on people’s faces or inspiring someone that may be going through a tough time.

Favorite Frame Style: Maverick


Misses Mae is a full-time variety streamer in the Los Angeles area. Primarily focusing on battle royal games, she brings a unique experience to her streams with her excitement and passion for gaming.


Helping the Kids of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles through charity work with Gamers Outreach.

Favorite Frame Style: Infinite


DadGotGame has been playing video games since he was a kid. His mom always said if he could play video games for a living, he’d be in heaven. He never dreamed it would actually come true. Dad has built the Dad Cave with the sole purpose of giving people a place to belong, a family.


He is most proud of the community he has built.

Favorite Frame Style: Phenom


Robot Giggles started streaming in 2018 directly from her Xbox using a Kinect as a camera. When she started building her community, she began to slowly upgrade her gear. When she’s not gaming, she is doing some sort of extreme sport (rockclimbing, snowboarding, etc.) or making crazy cosplays.


Her biggest accomplishment is her community. Together, they have supported each other in many different ways. From genuine conversations to raising money for a friend with cancer – they are all different ages, from different countries and backgrounds but there is nothing they can’t do together.

Favorite Frame Style: Infinite



Being a gaming fanatic since Final Fantasy VII, Sarah Daniels has been enveloped in the gaming culture to bring her to where she is today. She plays mostly Destiny during her stream time and is well connected with both Bungie and EA Games. Outside of streaming, she is a full-time musical theatre actress based out of NYC!


Starred in highly acclaimed Broadway musicals and was a former Disney princess for 12 years.

Favorite Frame Style: Infinite


Model-turned pro-player Nate Hill is one of the best pro Fortnite players around, with multiple top 5 tournament placements. After being recruited to join FaZe Clan in August 2018, Nate Hill has helped FaZe take over the Fall Summer Skirmish at Twitchcon with his duo partner FunkBomb and was a qualifier in the highly anticipated first annual 2019 Fornite World Cup.


Multiple top 5 Placements in the Fortnite tournament scene.

Favorite Frame Style: Infinite


Galadon is a full time Streamer, Caster, and YouTube content creator with over 1.8 million subscribers. Covering mobile gaming for over 7 years- Galadon has traveled around the world yelling about video games.


Becoming one of the largest Clash of Clans Content Creator.

Favorite Frame Style: Havok



FabuRocks is THE #1 Family Stream Team where FabuMom, FabuDad and Fabu form a unique stream like you’ve never seen before. Our Motto is: The Family that plays together, stays together!


Being one of the only family streams out there and making a big splash in the community by showing that gaming is good for the whole family!

Favorite Frame Style: Vayper


DeejayKnight is a space & sci-fi focused streamer & Event Host. Through his streaming channel on Twitch, he has developed a space that is comfortable for everyone to drop in and have a good time! He has been a long-time fan of GUNNAR and you can catch him wearing some top styles on his streams!


US Air Force Veteran who has established his space in the gaming industry!

Favorite Frame Style: Atherton


Lena Axios is both an entertaining streamer and a full time mermaid! You can catch her playing a large variety of games that make her happy at the time!  Streaming games is only the tip of the iceberg with Lena, she also occasionally draws, make cosplays, and sculpts on streams to express her artistic talents!


Placing first on Mixer’s first invitational and being spotlighted on Xbox’s official website!

Favorite Frame Style: Maverick



GaGOD is here to bring you a true, meme filled, highly competitive stream for the community. You can catch him playing on a whole other level when it comes to battle royale games and shooters alike.


Being one of the most competitive streamers in the battle royale scene, placing 1st in the Xbox leaderboards for Call of Duty Warzone.

Favorite Frame Style: Enigma