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With all the technology that is in our faces, from home, to school to work its not surprising that so many people suffer eye strain and headaches at the hands of staring at a computer screen all day or night or both. In 2012 Forbes magazine reported that by 2017 the gaming industry would be pulling in a whopping 82 billion dollars. That’s a lot of eyes, playing a lot of games, for a lot of hours.

In comes some yellow tinted glasses. Glasses that are supposed to reduce your eyestrain, and headaches related to that eye strain. In this new digital world of ours you hear more and more of ”Digital Eye Fatigue” and “Computer Vision Syndrome” as much as you hear about the common cold. So, yes these yellow tinted glasses come into play, Gunnar’s, as most know then by are becoming the standard for most serious gamers and people who use and are on their PCs quite a bit. I was lucky enough to get a chance to review the Gunnar Intercepts, and to see if some contoured tinted glasses would really help my headaches and eyestrain from those long gaming nights.

When I first put the Gunnar Intercepts on and fired up my Xbox, I immediately noticed a difference. At first I was more getting used to the tint change from the lenses and after a few games I did notice my eyes adjusting to the lenses. Once I got used to wearing them it was all over from there. Everything in game looked smoother and those headaches I used to get in my temples after hours of playing were gone.  It improved my gaming a ton, when I would usually need to take a break because my eyes were feeling tired and dried out, or a headache would start, I found by wearing the Gunnars I no longer needed too take these breaks. It visually made things smoother and crisp, and enabled me to focus better.

Wearing Gunnars make everything visually clearer, while gaming and reduce eye strain during long gaming binges. They even help with every day PC use, such as for work or school.  I spent and average of about 5 hours a day gaming, that is not including my time spent on PC editing video and music. So you could say I have a full time hobby in front of a monitor. These Gunnars have made it easier doing what I love on a daily basis.

The Gunnar Intercept is a new color collection. So while helping your gaming, working, schooling time, they are as well fashionable for your lifestyle. There are 5 colors to choose from – Cobalt, Fire, Kryptonite, Ghost and Ink. They are made of a very durable top grade polymer, are light to wear and most important, comfortable.

If I had to give them a rating, it would be a 10 out of 10.

You can purchase Gunnars off their site or by visiting

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