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Franbunny’s 6 Months Review Of: Gunnars Optiks Anime Pale Rose.
Note to the Reader: The reviewer of this product has 20/11 visual acuity, which is far greater than normal human visual power, and no color blindness.

Gaming Glasses? Computer Eye wear… Ok well when I first heard of these things I was completely a disbeliever. There is no way that anything without electronic visual aid could even attempt to make something look so much better with just a set of glasses with funny colored lenses. This for the most part is true, as glasses use lensing to help the wearers see well. So there were some promises and claims to the technology that I was highly skeptical.
So I decided to take a jump at something and give it a go, and as skeptical as I was I was hopeful they would at least do something. I purchased a pair of Anime Pale Rose model Computer style Gunnars for 109$ Free shipping, but order was Taxed for some reason even thought it was purchased online (I Love Washington)

So here I am 6months later sitting here in the dead of night with my League of Legends client open, and wear those same girly glasses writing this review.
So first things first, Do they work as promised? No. Do they work at all? Yes, most definitely.
The Gunnars glasses don’t live up to everything promised, which I didn’t expect them too, they made a bit of an outrageous claim, but they do offer quite a drastic improvement in parts of the visual points that Gunnar’s did claim. So there’s bad news and cons, and a lot of good news and pros, too.

We’ll the bad news/cons first.
The claim they keep your eyes more moist and reduce strain simply didn’t happen for me. My eyes still got stressed out, and I didn’t notice much change in the stress of my eyes, but this is most likely due to myself sitting in front of a 260Lm Average LCD screen 14~18hours a day, every day of my life.
However they did definitely cut back on my migraines and the aches that my eyes got from being exposed to light all the time. They definitely put a dampener on the nerve strain so that’s a plus for me; less migraines is always a win.

So the good and Pros then?
They do in fact help with visual fidelity. The lenses have a +0.2 diopter shape on them which is tuned great for looking at a laptop screen and all the way back to about 36inches away estimated, or however far back laying against the wall and my laptop at the other side of the bed is.
The lens does have a rather interesting affect, as it causes a minor magnification but it could also help with visual acuity with your eyes being focused so close to a screen so often.
The big pro though, was how the glasses changed color perception and brightness of a screen.
The Amber tinted glass is the most affective part of the glasses, which is really odd because one would think the coloration would filter and dim the light entering the wearer’s eye. It does change the tint slightly, but by no means is it any dimmer at all. In fact the apparently magnitude of the screen actually appears brighter than without them on. The affect is hard to notice but it becomes very apparent when dealing with a lot of colors such as video editing. The color difference is astonishing as well. The actual variation in colors is much more noticeable with them on, than off. The lenses cause a strange affect where the darker colors on the screen actually appear somewhat darker, but the lighter an object is the brighter it appears. This color variation seems to work mostly on the grayscale of things, as most coloration don’t seem to have this affect but light to dark ratios seem so much better and clearer with the glasses on. The colors themselves do appear to be bolder and less muddled. And things like interpolation and filaments and particles become quite a bit more apparent. It seems the glasses actually help change a wearer’s ability to see color differences.
A brighter view of the screen with better color recognition is absolutely worth every pretty dime spent on these.

I’ve gotten so used to these affects that I actually hate taking my Gunnars off. I wear them on a daily basis just like anyone whom has prescription glasses. I don’t really like seeing things without the glasses because the changes are so noticeable.
I will make it known that the changes are not immediately noticeable as you eyes do have to adjust to the color filter and the diopter change.
Some notable examples that I’ve personally experienced were the darks and bright colors in Vindictus, probably the most profound changes were with that game. League of legends wasn’t very noticeable until I was in sunlight. If there’s a glare on the screen the glasses definitely help reduce it, and if there’s hard to tell color differences the glasses help make them more noticeable.

They are also quite durable and lightweight. They are hardly noticeable, but if you don’t have vision issues any smudges and dust on your lenses is rather apparent and the lenses are not resistant to scratches or smudges.

In the end, the Gunnars Optiks do enhance the wearers’ vision slightly for computer screens and long-term computer use, but don’t completely deliver on the idea that they help with visual stress.

Are they worth it? Definitely, Absolutely, Without a Doubt.
Do they affect your games in a positive way? Yes.
Will they affect productivity? Probably a little if you are working with photo editing and video editing. (I’d take them off if you are looking to work with color reproduction though)
They aren’t perfection, but they are definitely worth the cash if you pick a style you can live with daily.

Would I recommend them? Yes definitely a pleasant surprise to see what these things do.
I rate them as a product a 4.5 out of 5.

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