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General Perception of GUNNARS before usage
The first time I saw GUNNARs I’ll be completely honest and I thought, this was a company that was here to make money from gamers. However over time I noticed that more and more of my professional gaming friends were wearing them, but still thought perhaps it’s just a marketing stunt. I was used to playing hours upon hours of League without anything on my eyes and I didn’t really notice anything bad. I just thought that my eyes got tired as per the norm – after hours of looking at a screen.
Feedback after trying GUNNARS

SK Gaming’s relationship with GUNNARs allowed me to try the GUNNARs SteelSeries Scope whilst practising for the Season 2 World Championships. I could not be more surprised and impressed – as I actually noticed a difference on how tired my eyes were after using them immediately. I wanted a second pair, which perhaps would be a little more comfortable so I could integrate playing with them every day – and I felt completely in love when they arrived. They really improve my performance at a high level competitive arena and I love the style! Now I’m looking at trying to get some outdoors ones – just for social use haha!


How do GUNNARS benefit you in your game and competitions?
Now that I have GUNNARs I don’t have to go outsite after every 2 or 3 hours to give my eyes a break. I can play non-stop which is perfect as it means I get more practise time in and I can be 100% focussed 100% of the time!

After testing them for a few months now – I must say that GUNNARs like the RPG are simply perfect for me. I would suggest that everyone tries them, like I did – because after you go GUNNARs you’ll fall in love with them and never go back!




Firstname : Alvar

Lastname : Martin

Birthdate : May 19, 1989

Role : Jungle

Nationality : Spanish

Team : SK Gaming

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