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Shan Huang
Gamer tag: Chaox
Age: 21
Games Played: League of Legends
Model Tested: SteelSeries Scope Onyx

General Perception of GUNNARS before usage:
I thought Gunnars was such a cool idea from the start… I spared no expenses when upgrading my computer gear (mouse, keyboard, headset) to gain the competitive edge, and Gunnars was a natural next-step.

Feedback after trying GUNNARS:
I used to have headaches when I looked away from the screen after an extended session at night, Gunnars completely solved that issue.

How do GUNNARS benefit you in your game and competitions?
It’s a habit for me now, I simply do not play without GUNNARS, it’s just not the same. I remember forgetting my GUNNARS once before a tournament match, I freaked out and had to ask around to borrow one, thankfully one of the casters had a spare.

It’s really simple, if you’re staring at the monitor for extended periods of time everyday, buy GUNNARS. It’s a quality of life item like a good toothbrush, and I use mine everyday (toothbrush too).

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