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Comic-Con 2012: One Big Tease

As another San Diego Comic-Con wrapped up this past weekend, I thought of the best way to sum up an event that not only did I not attend, but viewed incessently from the outside. I’m sure there is a sense of crowd excitement and mentality when going to Comic-Con, between that, the cosplay girls and the awesome panels, there is plenty to do. From the outside though, Comic-Con appears to be one big Hollywood tease.

While Gunnars was busy teasing fans in the Xbox VIP Lounge with Halo 4, Hollywood and television producers (and actors) were teasing the hell out of fans with trailers for upcoming movies and television shows. Live fans dressed as Iron Man got to stare down Robert Downey Jr., as he teased Iron Man 3. Karl Urban was the king of the tease though, as he promised Star Trek 2 footage when he showed this video:

Did you see any Star Trek 2 footage? Yeah, me neither. Save for some very brief green screen something or other at the end. Pretty sure we all just got trolled by Karl Urban. Still, looking forward to the movie regardless. Disney stepped up their game by first showing the trailer for the upcoming Tim Burton animated feature Frankenweenie and then revealing the trailer for their upcoming Wizard of Oz prequel, Oz The Great & Powerful starring James Franco.

Meanwhile, at the Xbox booth gamers were treated to Hitman: Absolution and the new Tomb Raider while trying on Gunnars and rubbing shoulders with Mason Cobb, Tsquared, and Andy “Bravo” Dudynsky. In case, like me, you weren’t at Comic-Con this year, here’s Bravo hanging at the Gunnar/Xbox Lounge talking Halo 4 with fans.

The biggest teases though came from the television networks. FOX presented fans with a tease for the fifth and final season of Fringe, while AMC ran their preview for the third season of The Walking Dead. The big one though was Showtime showing the first two minutes of the upcoming seventh season of Dexter, in which the sixth season ended with Dexter’s sister Deb catching him in the act.

Don’t worry, it still being named Comic-Con, there were still many comic related reveals, including Legendary comics announcing Shadow Walk and Neil Gaiman announcing a new Sandman prequel.p

Overall, Comic-Con met its goal of teasing the crap out of fans, letting them attend panels in which celebrities promoted their latest projects, play some new video games and hopefully – buy some comics.

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