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Getting both raved, and hated reviews, Gunnar Eyewear have one intention in mind, to help your eyes. Be it your cell phone, laptop, computer monitor or even your TV. Gunnar only really attest to one feature, to help you focus better and relieve your eyes from strain of common LCD/LED displays. I will be giving my own review on these special glasses. Continue after the break to find out more.

I’ve had my Gunnar Optics for almost a month now, and I figured after using them for this long that I could write a fairly decent and honest review on them. You see I am not using them to look cool, nor do I think it will “improve” my gaming skills. As a computer tech, and a gamer I am constantly looking at various LCD/LED screens throughout the day. This causes my eyes to ache, get blood shot, and sometimes gives me a massive headache. I thought I’d give Gunnar Optics a try as it attest to helping with these symptoms and for the most part they do.

Style and comfort.

The Gunnar’s I’ve chosen are the “Phantom” edition. I chose these for many reasons the biggest one was I gave the MW3 set a shot, and they hurt with a headset on, the Phantom edition glasses have a special frame that lay flat against your head giving you little to no discomfort compared to a thick frame which would be embedded into your skull after a few short minutes of game play, or even listening to music with them on. The lens are wide enough to make the outside frame unnoticeable when playing games or using the computer. A friend of mine got the “Phenom” pair, and they were made for PC use primarily, the rim of the frame are significantly thicker and more noticeable up to your eyes causing a bit of distraction when wearing them. The weight of these glasses are outstanding, they feel almost like nothing on your face, and for a person who doesn’t use prescription glasses or ever needed to, the level of comfort is amazing. I wear them at work, when I am on the computer at home, and also when gaming, and it leaves no discomfort or weight on my face. The downside of such amazing weight, is how thin and brittle the frame feels. I am scared to put these anywhere besides in a safe place, they feel very fragile. I can’t really deem that a negative because I am responsible enough to take care of them, I wouldn’t suggest a 13 year old (who only really has the responsibility of wiping their own ass, and even that’s a stretch) to be owning a pair of one hundred dollar eyewear. Good news is that if you break the arms of the glasses you can get very cheap replacements from Gunnar’s website and customizable as well.

Do they work?

They do, in fact they work so well not having them on when gaming, or doing work on a computer feels discomforting instantly, I am wearing them as I write this. The glasses have a amber tint to help relax your eyes when looking at bright cathodes be it LED, Plasma, LCD, etc. They also magnify your vision +2 %, so text becomes clearer and focus is more apparent, these glasses have become a part of me and I can only explain it to those who understand sitting in front of LCD monitors for hours a day all week long. The weight combined with the amber tint and magnification are all a perfect package and get the job done.

Will they make me better at video games, ALL THE PROZ USE THEM!?

In short, no. These glasses are not meant to make you better than you are at anything. They do as instructed, relieve eyestrain, fatigue, and make reading text and focusing easier. So if you suck at Call of Duty they will not make you better. These glasses will only make you realize exactly how bad you are at the game with less eye strain. I have read a lot of reviews on Amazon and other sites of butt hurt kids who think that these glasses are suppose to turn them PRO instantly, Just because Pro gamers use them. Please stop writing bad customer reviews on a product you can’t even justify owning. The fact of the matter is they use them for the same reason I do and anyone else who knows what it’s like to sit in from of these screens day in and day out. I haven’t noticed any significant improvements playing games with or without them, aside from the previous mentioned things. I no longer get headaches at work or playing games, I no longer get eye strain and blink almost half the amount of time now because of these glasses, so my reaction is a lot more alert, so the improvement isn’t my skills but more so my ability to focus on said skills for longer amounts of time.

Are they worth the price?

To me a product is worthy of a great review, and price, when they do as stated on the package. With Gunnar there is no exceptions. The product states what it does, and it does exactly that, sadly not everyone would understand this, as I’ve said before. In order to really understand this product you need to understand why people use them, be gamers, film editors, ITs, etc. The prices range anywhere from $79.99(US) to $200.00 (US), depending on purpose, style, etc. I also love the fact that if you wear glasses you can get prescribed lens for them so they do everything you are use to, and more. The only complaint I have with the glasses are the durability, but even that is a very small complaint as the trade off is more than worth it.

To conclude my review.

If your profession keeps you at a computer screen, if you are a hardcore gamer, if you get headaches from LED,LCD, etc. Get these glasses, simple as that. I can’t stress how well they work for me, I never get eye fatigue anymore (when everything starts to blur together), The sharp headaches are gone, and I felt a level of comfort I never thought I’d feel from a pair of glasses at all considering I have never needed glasses. The price is right, and the benefits exceed the value. Don’t fall for those imitation glasses that cost $20.00 there is a reason these cost $79.99 and up. It’s the level of value, and what they do that makes it worth it. Thanks for reading.

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