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Gunnar Optiks is getting stylish in 2014, introducing a new line of colored Intercept glasses. Unveiled today, the Intercept Color Collection adds five new color variations in addition to the classic Onyx model. The five colors are: Cobalt, Fire, Kryptonite, Ghost, and Ink.

The Color Collection glasses still have the same “high-quality lens technology” which filters out harsh artificial light and reflective glare, but this time the frames, while still durable, come in all sorts of colors.

“Gunnar makes glasses for anyone who demands the absolute most from their digital experience,” said Gunner Optiks’ CEO, Joe Croft.  “But a high performance product designed for such a wide range of digital consumers can’t be confined to a limited color palette.  With the introduction of the INTERCEPT Color Collection, we’ve given everyone, from hardcore gamers to creative designers to technophiles of all types, a chance to show off their individuality and style – while protecting and enhancing their vision.”

The latest colors from the Intercept collection will be available for purchase immediately through the Gunnar website.



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