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Jordan from Team GUNNAR here!

The GUNNAR COD LAN just took place, 2/10 – 2/12, where we invited the top Call of Duty: MW3 teams —   OpTic Gaming and Team EnVyUs — as well as some of the top Machinima: Respawn Directors, to Greensboro, NC!  Filled with live streamed skills competitions, live Q&A’s, BBQ’ing, show matches, recreational gaming, and hilarious shenanigans, it ended up being a pretty awesomely awesome weekend.

The festivities were set to start Friday evening, with all the attendees arriving Thursday night and Friday morning.  As everyone started arriving, it was pretty cool to see everyone greet each other.  Being a pro gamer or just being a gamer in general, you tend to have a lot of friends who don’t live near you, but you become such good friends purely through voice and game interaction.   So seeing everyone exchange hellos and start clowning off with all their e-friends, was pretty epic.

As the streamed competitions began, the fun atmosphere only got better.

People were going back and forth making side bets on the most kills per game and who could get the 1st M.O.A.B (25 kill streak). Everyone who wasn’t part of the live competition was most likely in the living room playing some casual Xbox games, socializing, or bragging about who has the most subscribers or views on YouTube (a lot of them have over 10million views).

Throughout the weekend we conducted interviews with most of the people there, and hearing everyone’s stories was pretty incredible.  The amount of time, effort, and analyzing a lot of these pro gamers put into their games rivals (or trumps in some cases) that of many athletes.  Then watching them first hand is a great reinforcement of their efforts. The Machinima Directors had some pretty awesome stories as well. Making videos was a way for a lot of them to get things off their chests, but also a way for them to become more comfortable and self-confident.  A few of them spoke about how it helped them overcome being self-conscious in their daily lives, and it was pretty amazing to see the success that they’ve acquired through simply being themselves on camera. Stainville and Dedo and Sharp focused on the action!

After multiple skills competitions and game challenges,

the final day concluded with a run through of the new Call of Duty Elite, Liberation and Piazza.  The players were able to show off their skills in a map that they hadn’t had the chance to fully analyze yet.  After this, it all concluded with an awesome BBQ and a chance for all the gamers to kick back and have a good time before they had to flew back to their home towns.

Big Thanks to @hastr0 and @TeamEnVyUs for hosting the event at their gaming house in North Carolina. See you guys next time ~ Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert

To read more about the event, head here: [/two_third]
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