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Gamer tag: n0thing

Age: 21

Games Played: Counter-Strike 1.6

Model Tested: PPK Cobalt/Snow

General Perception of GUNNARS before usage

I wasn’t really used to wearing glasses while competing, so that seemed like it would be strange and the amber tint and lens technology didn’t make sense to me at first.

Feedback after trying GUNNARS

I now have a new edition to my digital world. GUNNARS. When I finally felt my eyes adjust to the lens technology, I was sold. They’ve improved my life tremendously.

How do GUNNARS benefit you in your game and competitions?

In game, GUNNARS have multiple positive effects. The improved contrast makes it easier to spot the silhouette of enemies in dark spots, especially at distances. It also help’s when I’m trying to see someone through a smoke grenade, normally I would have to squint very hard to attempt to spot movement, but with GUNNARS my eyes have a noticebly easier time focusing in on micro movements.

Aside from everything on the screen being less harsh in general, I’m normally playing on a different monitor every tournament I travel too. That being said, each of these monitors provide a different vertical refresh rate from 60hz to 120hz. Obviously, I’d always prefer 120 but its not always an option.


I started out wearing them just in practice and after about a week of experiencing the benefits, I continued using them. Currently, I now wear GUNNARS when I’m working, browsing, gaming for fun, or competing for money. They help me tremendously in game, but they also make it easier for me to look at a screen in general, and with the amount of time I’m in front of one, I absolutely need it. I’ve suffered from headaches and eye strain in the past, so being able to remove those things from my life by simply wearing eye wear was a no brainer for me.

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