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I have a ridiculously bad astigmatism in both eyes and suffer from migraines that are brought on by bright lights and other visual stimulants, it has gotten so bad I have had to limit my time on my ps3 and other electronics due to my deterorating eyesight. I have a appointment on July 14th with an optometrist to see whats wrong with my eyes and what solutions, if any, we can find. I am definetly goin to mention Gunnar Optiks to him and I really appreciate a company that sells something that is going to and is benefiting our generation to prevent my situation or hopefully alleviate my symptoms. Gunnar Optiks is a heaven send for our technoligically advanced nation and I xan only see it growing more and more norm to see ppl sporting them to work, school, and everyday use. Finally a style of glasses that not only helo, but don’t look nerdy while wearing! Great work Gunnar, keep helping the world look clearer.

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