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SK-GamingCologne, Germany– SK Gaming will now officially join forces with GUNNAR Optiks, the leading manufacturer of digital performance eyewear.

While SteelSeries teamed up with GUNNAR Optiks back in 2010, it is now up to SK Gaming to follow their lead and take a step even further as GUNNAR Optiks will from now on be SK Gaming’s official supplier and advisor for advanced gaming eyewear.

GUNNAR Optiks glasses help you prevent symptoms known as ‘Digital Eye Fatigue’ and ‘Computer Vision Syndrome’, more commonly experienced as eye-strain and headaches. GUNNARS also give you sharper, clearer vision and have even been know to improve gaming performance.

SK Team PhotoSK-Gaming players have been testing GUNNAR eyewear for quite some time now and have only good things to say, which is why they’ll be using theses glasses for both practice and tournament appearances. Expect some extensive reviews as well as all different kinds of competitions and giveaways soon!


SK Gaming’s Christopher ‘GET_RIGHT’ Alesund:

“As of today, I’m happy that GUNNAR Optiks and SK Gaming has come to agreement to support each other in different aspects, as we will use their products with pride and lookin’ damn awesome while playing! As many people know, after playing Counter-Strike on professional level, you’re playing for hours and hours straight without stoping yourself, because you simply don’t have the time for it! Doing this, you are more or less damaging your eyes of the cost on being the best. And this why we chose GUNNAR Optics – they are reducing the damage into your eyes while playing and you feel less “hurting” in the eyes after playing this hours. Try it out yourself!”


SK Gaming’s Carlos ‘ocelote’ Santiago:

“Working along GUNNAR Optiks will make me and my team improve our gameplay. The stuff they bring to us is definitely what we need as a part of our succeeding. I personally tested the glasses and I’ve to admit that it was totally unexpected; they work.”

SK Team Photo 2

SK Gaming’s MD Alexander T. Müller on GUNNAR Optiks:

“We are happy to announce a partnership with GUNNAR Optiks, especially after our players pushed for this themselves. When playing on such a high level and with the intensity as pro players do, it comes down to these little things that can make a difference. Those glasses are such a factor. Plus I have to admit, their sun glasses are extremely cool on top of that!”


Michael Polin, Director of Marketing at GUNNAR Optiks:

“GUNNAR is proud to support the eSPORTS community. By officially launching our partnership with SK Gaming, we’re teaming up with a great ally to improve and enhance the way people and gamers interact with digital screens. In today’s world, our eyes are under constant visual assault, especially through video games. Fortunately, our eyewear allows competitive and pro gamers to improve their focus, protect their vision, and, in the long term, take care of their eyes.”


For more information on GUNNAR Digital Performance Eyewear, head over to

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