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A couple weeks  ago we asked GUNNAR users to send us their GUNNAR testimonial and we’d randomly choose winners from the submissions to receive free GUNNAR T-Shirts! Congratulations to you awesome select fans (not that all of you aren’t awesome), please read below!

Everyone who’s listed here, please email with your name, preferred t-shirt style, and t-shirt size in order to receive your prize!  Both shirts are pictured below.  The Red G’ shirt is also available in black.  Thanks for participating.

  • Winner #1: H J from Australia
  • Winner #2: Muhammad Redza Ruslan from Malaysia
  • Winner #3: Mike Mumbauer from USA
  • Winner #4: Chris Murnane from United Kingdom
  • Winner #5: Rob Anderson from Canada
  • Winner #6: Jason Williams from USA
  • Winner #7: Steven Diaz from USA
  • Winner #8: Albert Tranchilla from USA
  • Winner #9: Christopher Wilson from USA
  • Winner #10: Michael Verdict from USA

Winners: email with your name, preferred t-shirt style, and t-shirt size


Thanks to all again for participating! Look out for testimonials from these users soon over at – Please send any questions to

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