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Video: Google Project Glass: One Day….


A few weeks ago we posted an article that explored the conundrum that may occur when technology advances beyond our physical limitations. One of the items that was discussed was glasses that would act as an interface with the internet as well as the real world. Google is working on such a product, and they have posted their first promotional video titled “One Day…” with a hypothetical look at their Project Glass glasses in action.

The video shows a man starting his day and interacting through voice commands with things such as directions, voice and video calling and checking in location. He is also able to take photos, share information and otherwise do all the things that Google social networks do now online. Check out the video, and see if you can foresee using such a device.

Now, suppose you are wearing these glasses in a city such as New York, where you have to continuously transfer vision between the super imposed images on “screen” and the real world. The complications and danger of doing so are numerous. However, suppose that instead of super imposed images, the Google glasses are actually somehow infused with your brain to directly input visual cues into your retinal display, rather than something you have to focus on.

The tagline of Google’s Project Glass is: “We think technology should work for you—to be there when you need it and get out of your way when you don’t.” That’s all well and good, but they’ll need to take the human condition and behavior into account as well. This technology is neat, it’s inspiring and it’s futuristic, but it is very far off from becoming reality.

However, it is inevitable as well. Technology will be integrated with humanity at some point soon. While we can hope that it won’t turn into something out of Logan’s Run, we can’t be sure the tech won’t take a dystopian turn. For now, Google’s Project Glass is taking a step in the right direction, to integrate our social networks into our social lives as humans. Let’s just keep an eye on this project for now.

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