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Alex Chu
Age: 19
Gamer Tag: Xpecial
Game: League of Legends
Team: Team Solomid – Support
Model: Paralex Gloss Onyx

As a gamer, I watch the monitor for several hours each day and my eyes would get extremely tired after a few hours, even frequently becoming bloodshot. At first, I was subscribed eye drops to relieve the pain and help with the problem, and it worked. I had seen Gunnars advertised before, but without testing them out, I had no clue that they would be my answer.

First moments:
After moving to the Team Solomid gaming house, my eye problems intensified – the worst part was that the eye drops were no longer as effective. Something needed to change or I simply couldn’t keep up the rigorious schedule and that’s when Gunnars entered the picture. After listening to my teammate, Shan “Chaox” Huang, pick up a pair and insisted that they may help, I gave it a try. At first, I was not used to glasses and it was uncomfortable, but my eyes were pleased with the change. I decided to just keep them on for a bit longer to see if they really helped.

The benefits were incredible. I had no idea that Gunnars would be the magical solution to the problem that I had for years. After just a week, I had no need for eye drops and my eyes would never become bloodshot, I was ecstatic. At this point, I was completely used to having a pair of glasses on my face and it was no longer uncomfortable nor did it bother me.

Now, GUNNARS has become another necessity to my gaming gear – much like my mouse, keyboard and headset that I could not compete without. Enjoy the benefits and don’t suffer through the same headaches that I went through.

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