A tribute to a pioneer in the design culture

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As members of the design community and product innovators, we take a moment to honor Steve Jobs.  Not just for the steps forward that his iconic products have taken in the industry, but for the path and process that were ill defined in the world of design and innovation prior to his visionary expeditions and subsequent cartography in the field.  What design driven company hasn’t desired to be more like Apple?  Before Apple who did we want to be more like?  Industrial design, human factors in design, user interface design, retail merchandising design, marcom creative design…there is almost no field that hasn’t been influenced by his vision. There will continue to be innovators, and there will continue to be daring dashes into the unexplored territories of technology for the future, but much of the plan and methodology will be based on the work of the early pioneers in the industry.  For your work and your inspiration, Steve, we thank you.


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